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We Are Pros.

Since 1989 Hardcore Bikes has specialized in the best mountain bikes, road bikes, commuter and e-bikes. The heart of our business however is repairing and servicing bikes; we fix what the other guys can’t. 2019 was our 30th year in business—come find out why we’ve been here that long.

Been there, done that.

Founded in 1989 by Jim Moulden, Hardcore Bikes was the original mountain bike shop in Edmonton. Offering hard-to-find specialty mountain bike parts and hand-built frames Hardcore was something different from the beginning. Started in a tiny shop in an alley that had a previous life as a sausage factory, the Shop quickly grew as mountain bikes took off in popularity. In 1992 we moved to a new (really old) building down the street and we have been here ever since. Jim retired from frame building in 2003 but the Shop still carries on the tradition of offering something different from the big stores. You can walk into Hardcore and still see the same faces that were there in the beginning. The people who work here ride and race and believe that cycling is more than a business, it is a lifestyle. Most of our customers we know by name and we treat our customers the same way we treat our friends. We do not have the big store’s budgets to advertise and instead rely on word of mouth to let people know about us. In a world of box stores, come and discover that personalized, down-to-earth service does still exist.

Most of our customers we know by name and we treat our customers the same way we treat our friends.

Mark - Owner & Manager

Mark - Manager and Owner

Mark was part of Hardcore way back before it was Hardcore. He was the first person hired by Moulden Bicycles Works, the frame shop that grew into the retail store. Two university degrees later he ended up owning the shop; taking over at the end of 1996. Everything he knows about the bike business he learned the hard way but mostly he learned never take the customer for granted and treat them the way he would like to be treated.

Rides: Trek Crockett Flat Bar Custom, BMC Alpenchallenge AMP City, battle-scarred Ibis Hakkalugi and Yeti ARC-X, Moulden Custom Tandem

Barry - Service Manager

Barry - Service Manager


Barry has been part of Hardcore since 2002 where he came to us fresh out of the Barnett’s Bike School Course. His vast experience and and “if we can’t fix it, it can’t be” attitude is the engine that drives our service department. His favourite type of repair? The one several other shops couldn’t get right.

Rides: Marin Pine Mountain 2, several Dorrado equipped DH bikes from back in the day.

Steve - Sales Manager, Fit Specialist

Steve - Sales Manager, Fit Specialist


Steve lives and breathes bikes and cycling. He’s out on the rides and at the races including a 2017 BC Bike Race Category win and so knows what works. He also rides everywhere to get around and this huge experience allows him to make real recommendations to customers about all kinds of bikes; from high-end race bikes all the way to commuters.

Rides: Yeti SB130 Custom, Trek Top Fuel 9.9 XTR, Trek Emonda SL 7, Moulden Custom Cyclocross, Trek Crockett Custom, Titus Titanium Custom

Keegan- Service Writer, Mechanic, Warranty

Keegan - Service Writer, Mechanic, Warranty


Keegan came to us from Track ‘n Trail after getting the bike bug. He graduated from the Bike Room bike mechanic’s school in Vancouver and has put that knowledge to good use evaluating customer’s bikes for repair. He also takes care of walk in repairs. His positive attitude keeps everyone up in the shop.

Rides: Ibis Ripley, 2 Custom Trek Crocketts, Trek Stache Custom with a Bomber Z1, Marin Commuter

Meghan - Mechanic

Meghan - Mechanic

Meghan came to Hardcore in 2016 and immediately fit right in. Her attention to detail is second to none and believes in doing it right or don’t do it. She is Barnett’s Bike School trained and so follows their “don’t guess, measure” philosophy.

Rides: All-City Single Speed.

Rowan - Sales

Rowan - Full Time Sales

Worked his way through an engineering degree by working at the shop.

Rides: Trek Crockett Flat Bar Custom

Teddy - Shop Dog

Teddy - Shop Dog

Apparently labour-laws related to age don’t apply to dogs so we were able to hire Teddy at 3 months old. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, farm-raised. His duties include: shop Mascot, companionship, barking, customer relations and product reviews. He splits his time between the bike shop and Blue Lamp Bookstore upstairs.

Rides: Four somewhat short legs.

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