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Club Rides

May 26, 2020 update:

As a result of the COVID-19 measures currently in place, the Club has cancelled all planned club rides through to June 14th.  The registration for the 2020 Hardcore Cycling Club is now full.

Mountain bike rider

Who We Are

We are a group of biking fanatics that love to ride, and we think we should give something back to our sport. We have developed a respected mountain bike and cyclocross racing program that has enjoyed success at the provincial and national level, while at the same time maintaining a variety of recreational riding opportunities in our river valley trail system. We are an affiliated cycling club with the Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) and Canadian Cycling Association (CCA). Our members range in age from early teens to early fifties, and abilities from accomplished to competitive elite racers.

What We Offer

  • Year round rides for mountain bike, road bike, fatbike, and cyclocross. 
  • Weekly scheduled and structured club rides, both low intensity recreational and high intensity training.
  • Skills development sessions.
  • Race support, consisting of transportation and accommodation coordination, feed station support, and emergency spare parts at selected events.
  • Race hosting; we are organizing the Hardcore Hop ‘n Hurl Cyclocross
  • Race and host the Alberta Cup XC mountain bike race as well as the Fat Tire Tuesday race series.
  • Out of town mountain bike trips.
  • Opportunities to meet new bike riding companions, improve your fitness, and develop your technical riding skills.

What Your Annual Club Membership Gets You

  • ABA third party liability and sport accident insurance, for which the club pays $40.00 from each membership received.
  • Reduced ABA racing license fees due to our club’s affiliation with the ABA.
  • Automatic eligibility to participate in the local Inter-Club Mountain and Road Race Series.
  • Club members receive the following discounts from HARDCORE BIKES:
  • Club Members: 10% off most bikes to active club members*; 15% off most parts and accessories*.
  • Special pricing on club clothing.
  • Guided rides through Edmonton’s labyrinth of trail network.  
  • Invitation to our club sponsored functions, from cycling trips, camping trips, BBQ’s, and more!
  • Option to buy discounted team clothing including ¾ sleeve downhill jersey / XC race jersey / wind stop jackets with removable sleeves.
  • *Due to the cost of our club membership vs what the discount on a bike could be, the discount on bikes is for club members who are active in the club, i.e. volunteering, rides, etc.


Hardcore Cycling Club Weekly Rides All club riders should be prepared for a 2.5 – 3 hour ride. Duration can change week to week based on trail conditions and unforeseen circumstances. Group rides offered will vary based on club rider turnout. You may join us on one freebie ride, but you must be a paid 2020 ABA member to continue riding with us.

Monday Group Rides

All mountain bike group rides listed below will ride as much singletrack trail depending on trail conditions. There will be no avoidance of challenging singletrack trails regardless of group ride categories; all singletrack is fair game! It is the responsibility of the rider to assess whether to walk technical sections according to ability. Again, all group rides will ride the challenging singletrack that our river valley has to offer with only the distance of the groups being the difference. Club members will self-seed themselves into one of the three rides below. Please note that if you find yourself struggling in your chosen group, we ask that you voluntarily join the ride category that offers a shorter distance on your next ride. Ride leaders will actively help moderate this to ensure maximum enjoyment for all club members.

All rides meet at the shop in the back alley and will leave promptly at 6:30pm.

25km Ride

Our fastest ride, this ride will be for those riders who have the endurance and technical skills to ride at least 25km  in 2.5 – 3 hours. Recommend that riders in these groups ride at least three to four times a week.

20km Ride

Our most popular ride, this ride will be for those riders who have the endurance and technical skills to ride at least 20km in 2.5 – 3 hours. Recommend that riders in this group ride at least two to three times a week.

15km Ride

This ride will be for those riders who have the endurance and technical skills to ride at 15km in 2.5 – 3 hours. Recommend that riders in this group ride at least two times a week or you will suffer! This ride is perfect for those club members who have the technical riding skills, but haven’t yet achieved the endurance required for the longer rides or for those riders who would rather take it easy and ride at a more relaxed pace. Remember, all singletrack is fair game.

Session Ride

Casual paced ride aiming for clusters of steeper singletrack descents scattered throughout the river valley. Instead of blitzing through on the way to far out destinations such as Terwillegar or Sunridge, we’ll try out multiple downhills in an area, and we’re not above repeating a trail if it was fun or the flow wasn’t nailed the first time. Bring mosquito spray as there might be lots of waiting around while high fives are handed out. Difficulty: Black and “double black” on Trailforks. Good tires and a dropper post recommended. The session ride might be cancelled if it is damp due to technical difficulty of trails or if our session ride leader brings the XC bike instead of the big bike.

Tuesday Urban Adventure Ride – Sponsored by Hardcore Bikes and Supported by the BMC URS

The Urban Adventure Ride is a random exploration of the Edmonton regions’ urban trails, paths and back roads. This INTERCLUB ride will be held every other Tuesday.  

Ride Duration Approximately 3 Hours

This ride seeks out the routes less traveled in a fun, social, go anywhere multi-terrain adventure to explore some of the places that only cyclists in this city can experience and access. The  ride will take place on forgotten roads, paved paths, double track, gravel trails, singletrack trails and dirt roads. The ride duration will vary depending on the route chosen each week, but will likely get longer as the days get longer as summer  progresses. Come get lost with us.

We always take a mid-ride pastry/snacks break and will offer some destination rides that incorporate local establishments. You can choose your ride, but we think a gravel bike, cross bike, or 29er hardtail with semi-slicks will be the ultimate steeds. Riding pace will be casual and conversational. You just need to bring a sense of adventure!

To join our ride, you need to be a paid member of a 2020 Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) club. 

Wednesday Group Rides

These rides are for the faster riders in the club.  There will be minimal stopping on these rides so be prepared for a hard ride!  

25km Ride

This ride will be for those riders who have the endurance and technical skills to ride at least 25km+ in 2.5 – 3 hours. Recommend that riders in this group live to ride their bikes and are well versed in riding at a sustained high intensity level.

20km Ride

This ride will be for those riders who have the endurance and technical skills to ride at least 25km in 2.5 – 3 hours. Recommend that riders in this group ride at least three times a week. Please note that this ride will be a bit more intense than the Monday 25km group ride!

Thursday Road Ride


We encourage our members to get out and join the Edmonton Road & Track Club (ERTC) on their weekly Thursday night ride. The ERTC is a great group of people who love riding and hit the pavement hard during the summer. For more information on their rides check them out here:

Bi-weekly Thursday Women’s Only Ride

Women Only 

For the 2020 mountain biking season, the women ride leaders from the Hardcore Bike Club will be hosting a women’s only INTERCLUB mountain bike ride every other Thursday, open to any woman rider with a valid 2020 Alberta Bicycle Association (ABA) membership.  These rides are for women who are technically confident mountain bike riders looking to get some exercise and had a valid ABA membership.  All ABA clubs are welcome to join us on this ride. 

We will offer three ride categories of ride length/pace: 15km (modest heart pumping pace), 20km (fast pace with some stopping to catch your breath), and 25km (very fast pace with little to no stopping). 

All rides start behind the Hardcore Bike Shop, 1008 – 82 Avenue and our rides focus on riding Edmonton singletrack.

The club is hosting these rides to provide a group ride where women can collectively give’r on the trails and then socialize afterwards. 

Please contact the Hardcore Bike Shop if you have any questions about this new ride!

Special Destination Rides

Monday Destination Rides

The last Monday of each month, will we commence the ride at either Sunridge, Terwillegar, Fort Saskatchewan, Gold Bar, Fort Edmonton, or some other special destination. Ride categories for these Monday rides will remain the same, only the destination changes. These rides will commence at 6:45pm rather than the usual 6:30pm time to allow for travel. See the club calendar for special destination ride locations.

The Fine Print Details

Please keep in mind that our ride leaders are volunteers – they don’t get paid for this and are there to enjoy the ride as well. They make every effort to keep the ride together but if you take a wrong turn you may lose the group and have to find your way back so some knowledge of the river valley and roads in the area is a good idea. No one wants anyone to get hurt so you must have a helmet. Please ensure your bike is in good repair before the ride for your own safety and so the others on the ride are not waiting while you work on it. If you are not sure about your bike drop by the Shop, it is free for us to inspect it for you. For liability reasons, the Alberta Bicycle Association requires that everyone on a club group ride be a member of our club. Our insurance allows one “test ride” check things out but after that you have to join the club if you want to ride with us. All rides leave from the Shop at 6:30 pm. We reserve the right to blend rides based on the number of participants and ride leader availability. Most of our rides typically end with at a patio with post ride beers and bench racing. Come join us and experience the difference!

Special Event Rides

Summer Solstice Ride

Saturday June 20, 2020 is the official summer solstice and will be the day with the most daylight in 2020. To celebrate, the Monday June 22nd group ride will have two caveats: 1. You must be a paid club member to join us on this ride; no freebies on this ride! 2. All ride categories will be bumped by 10km and we will ride to at least 10pm. Thus, there will be a 25km ride, a 30km ride, a 35km ride.  In prior years, the longer solstice rides clocked in at 48km and higher.  

The Dirty 100 – hiatus for 2020, The Filthy 50 Part I and Part II 2020

The Dirty 100km is on hiatus for 2020, will return in 2021!  Instead, we’ll go with the Filthy 50km Part I and Part II for 2020.  June 13, 2020 and August 15, 2020.

Mountain biking is awesome, and our Edmonton river valley is awesome. The best is when you combine these two elements all in one day! The Dirty 100 (Filthy 50) will be a 100km (50km) mountain bike ride that will focus on riding as much single track as possible (and necessary) to accomplish what would truly be a remarkable and epic milestone! This ride will be limited to 15 club members only and will commence at 9am, departure location to be determined. Based on previous rides of similar duration, anticipate riding until at least 6pm (3pm). Look for more details later on this spring. 

Hinton to Banff Road Ride

2020 date not yet finalized. Recognized the world over as one of the most beautiful stretches of road anywhere, the Icefields Parkway will be the setting for this skinny tire adventure. Using our trusty Sprinter van and a rented minivan, we will caravan to Jasper on Friday evening, leaving Edmonton at 5:30pm for a one night stay just outside of Hinton. We will be on our road bikes by 8am on Saturday morning to make the 300km+ journey over passes, past glaciers, peaks, rushing rivers and turquoise lakes to incredible Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on Bow Lake.  Thankfully, we’ll do it over three days! Contact the shop if you want to join in on this event.  Spots are limited!